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Where is Travis? haven't seen him in a while... he's my favorite! oh god please don't tell me he retired! that would be the end of the world for me!

He has retired. :\

with an exception of few men of color, why is your site predominately white? "cody" was a big attraction and I can't get enough of dixon, both men of color.

Recently someone asked something similar, so I went back and counted dozens of non-white models (60 or so).  Mind you, that is most definitely a fairly small fraction of guys.  I’d attribute it to many factors:

  • A fairly organic development of model types.  Which is to say, we initially didn’t start Corbin Fisher with a refined criteria in mind when it came to model types beyond their just being collegiate-aged.  Eventually, though, certain types of models go over better than others and, as a result, you find yourself focusing on a type of model that yields the best results.  At the same time this is happening, you’re attracting consumers whose tastes most match up with the types of models you most often feature.  Eventually, you find yourself unable to really stray from the model type you’ve become most known for.  This can apply to guys who are twinks, hairy, outside of a certain age range, etc.
  • Getting fewer applications from guys who might assume they don’t look like the other guys they see on the site.
  • Scouts and recruiters feeling like only particular types of models bring with them the greatest potential for a successful referral.
  • Competition with the countless websites online, many of which focus on very particular types of models.
  • Demographics in areas we tend to recruit from most (smaller towns, rural areas)

So there are really countless factors.