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Corbin Fisher recently returned to Kansas City, MO - the town we started in 10 years ago - to film a new round of scenes in some familiar old places.

How have things changed in the 10 years since we were first in Kansas City?  Judging by these pics…

  1. We care a lot more about guys being tan nowadays.
  2. Necklaces (especially ones featuring shells or other ocean-sourced items) aren’t as prominent.
  3. Flip Flops are still a thing.  Jean shorts?  Not so much. 
  4. You can no longer smoke around that one door there.
  5. CF is now 100% bandana-free.

Stay tuned to Corbin Fisher for more hot episodes from our recent Kansas City shoot!  

Our newest Corbin Fisher Dean’s Listers - Tom and Brant!  Tom is looking studlier than ever, and his outstanding action episodes as of late put him over the top in voting; Brant’s innocent boy charm really struck a chord with viewers, who catapaulted him on to the Dean’s List.

Congrats to our new Dean’s Listers!